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You can order a mailed CDROM, or a download link. The download link saves you $5 shipping costs. We airmail CDROMs, and we email download links to you. If you want a download link, be especially careful with your email address. If you place an order for a download link, and don't hear from us within two business days, email us at

Please note that at the present time, Bridge Buff is not guaranteed to work on Windows 8 platforms. Any prior version of Windows is fine.

Upgrades require a previous version of Bridge Buff. The standalone Matchpoint Analyser is available only as a download link.

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Bridge Buff NEW CDROM  (we airmail)

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Bridge Buff NEW DOWNLOAD  (we email a link) $ 59.95
Bridge Buff UPGRADE* CDROM  (we airmail) $ 54.95

Bridge Buff UPGRADE* DOWNLOAD  (we email a link) $ 49.95
Matchpoint Analyser DOWNLOAD  (we email a link) $ 29.95


(We add 13% HST to ON orders, and 5% GST to other CAN orders)

(* UPGRADE price applicable if you own version 10 or later )


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